Amazing handicraft home décor items by Barish

Last updated on March 17, 2021

When it comes to home interiors, the trends change in a blink of an eye. From basic colors to abstract designed walls, from expensive marble artifacts to wooden sculptures, home décor is modernizing. Refurbishing is now a tedious task. To ease your worries and help you revamp your place, Barish has a collection of handicraft home décor items, which are trendy and functional yet classic and contemporary.

A home is a reflection of one’s personality. Currently, the most popular themes are bohemian and wild. It matches the responsibly carefree spirits of the youth these days. At Barish, we nurture these feels and thus have curetted handicrafts that are timeless and contemporary. Here’s a list of items that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are one of those free-spirited people:

  • Macramé shelves:

    Graceful and handcrafted, these shelves give your monochrome walls a new dimension. These shelves add to the charm of your house. Handwoven macramé gives a homely and modern feel to your space. Books, plants, or any essentials, these shelves are enough to make anything look elegant. These could be a place for your scented candles or your memorable photo frames. Such amazing pieces will amplify your home’s vibe.

  • Photo frames:

    Speaking of your memories, what’s more, special than a wooden handcrafted photo frame with ferry lights? We have a range of photo frames that will intensify your memorable moments and make your space more homely. These wooden frames can be the next birthday or anniversary gift for your loved ones. Cherish your joys in these little frames that open doors to reminiscence.
    Enough nostalgia! Now, let’s make your present functional.

  • Couch caddy:

    God! The experiences of the adrenaline rush post a cricket or football match are phenomenal. At times the last-minute excitement of your match viewing sessions can lead to a not-so-wonderful experience for your sofa. The excitement may end up in the accidental spilling of all your munchies on the couch. Yes, we all have been through the hectic sofa cleaning processes, haven’t we? Well, Barish is here to take off the stress of post-match cleaning with its wide range of couch caddies. From flexible side caddy or center caddy, you can choose the befitting element for your sofa from the comforts of your home. Enjoy spill-proof movie nights with your love or even a game with your buddies. It comes with 2-3 shelves and thus is enough to fit everything. What are you waiting for? The next games are right around the corner. Hurry and get one now.

  • Bookshelves:

    Are you one of those people who shoplift at a book fair more than clothing stores? Well, shortage of space for your books is definitely a problem you face now and then, correct? Check out our range of spacious and elegant bookshelves. Organize your dear books in a classy way and enjoy your reading hour in style. We have handcrafted our bookshelves with love, and these bookshelves will add a nerdy charm to your room.
    Well, the list doesn’t end here; Barish can partner in your endeavor to add an endearing vibe to your homes. Our handicraft home décor elements are a merger between beautiful and functional. Head to our website and start redecorating your home with some handmade goodness from us. Happy Shopping!

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