11 Benefits of Purchasing Handcrafted Products

In the era of organic, hand made and handcrafts, the handicraft industry has become about much more than just creativity, details, and aestheticism. It is now a full-blown commercial business that is creating a ripple on the community, economy and the field of technology too. The upside to this industry is that it is gaining popularity due to all the good reasons. Barish is also a product of this creative and commercial revolution. In this blog, we have listed some reasons you should choose handcrafted products and go more authentic in your choices. So, more power to Barish and more power to the handicraft industry.

Let us begin!    


  • Handcrafted products are clean and green: Handcrafted products are nature-friendly. They are made in the most minimalistic manner without the use of anything artificial or anything that does not come from nature. Zero chemicals and zero hazardous substances. Their area of production itself is quite local and small-scale. Avoiding large factories or establishments, they are produced in spaces that are more remote and homely. This facilitates easy delivery and space-saving. Spontaneity is a brownie point for us and nature! So when you order from Barish, you are helping nature and yourself most efficiently. We are all for nature preservation.


  • Handmade products support the local economy: Handmade products are all about vocal for locals. When you purchase even a key ring from Barish, you make a big contribution to the local Indian artist. The money is directly going to the economy of the nation. Who knew that such a small act could have such a huge impact. Keeping the money matters aside, supporting a local business like Barish is also about supporting someone’s art, craftsmanship, and appreciating their work which is a form of encouragement in itself. The emotional value of the product itself is pretty high due to all the hard work.


  • Handmade withstands time: The authenticity of handmade products also lies in their longevity. Each product of Barish is made to last. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, which many factory products might be too, they also last longer, since the effort of bare hands has been put into the. This ensures that they stand the test of time, try one Barish product, and let us know how long it lasted for you!


  • Handmade products are trendy and unique: Each handmade product is made differently giving it unique. When someone visits your home and sees a product from a place like Barish, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that what you own is unique in its own right, which is now the new trend. We embrace the individuality of each product, hence, we ensure that each product is made differently in the most trendy manner. 


  • The handmade product comes directly from the maker: Imagine the satisfaction of receiving a package or a delivery from Barish when you will know that it was directly handed to you from the factory. The essence of handmade is in its creativity and authenticity, that is what you bring home when you purchase a product from Barish, no matter how small or how big it might be.


  • Handmade products keep the tradition and the skill intact: When you buy a handcrafted product, especially the one derived from a specific culture or a kind of skill, you also bring a part of that culture and tradition to your space. What diversity! Your cultural richness also keeps that particular tradition and skill alive. The best example of this would be the macrame collection of Barish that is unique and highly skilled in itself. Each product has a history and story behind it. That is what stays alive with your purchase.


  • Handcrafted products make you feel good about your purchase: Knowing that you are not just buying a piece of furniture or decoration but also a plethora of emotions, creative efforts, and someone’s authentic work is a whole another kind of feeling. It is flex today to let people that you use handmade products. The reason behind this is the genuine, authentic touch that gives each product a unique touch. Each purchase from Barish will help you feel good in the warmest manner because each piece of work is crafted with a story.


  • Handcrafted products are easier to buy. Place and order on Barish and you get your specially crafted product most easily and quickly. That is how easy to buy a handmade product. We make each product specially for you so you never have to return empty “carted”. There is always something in store for you.


  • Handmade products show that you care: When you buy from a local business, Barish, for instance, you show that you care for our effort and our craftsmanship. You provide it with a brand value and an appreciation by purchasing it and using it. This in itself is a message for us to produce more and improve more to produce the best for you. Your care and support are our sources of inspiration and our motivation.


  • Handcrafted products work wonders for the job market: A reason handcrafted products are beneficial and awesome is that they produce job opportunities. One study found that shifting just 10 percent of consumer spending in a particular area to locally owned businesses would create hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars in local wages. One small step towards handcrafted purchase is a big step towards the economy and society. 


  • Handcrafted products cater to your personal choices: The freedom of choice and expression. That is what you get in plenty with handmade products. You have the option of customizing your purchase since you’re often dealing directly with the artisans when you purchase handcrafted products. Barish is open to tweaking certain aspects of the product specifically to fit your needs. Give it a try!   


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